Porcelain Line Post Insulator
Material: Porcelain
Standard: IEC / ANSI
Cantilever strength: 3-13kN
Mounting type: Horizontal / Vertical
Color: Brown / Grey
Option: Aluminum clamp for insulator, steel base and pin
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The porcelain line post insualtor is for overhead line, mounting directly on the pole or tower. The most popular products are ANSI 57 series insulator, cantilevel strength range is from 3 to 13kN.

The vertical type line post insulator is similar to pin insulator design, with steel base and pin in bottom. The horizontal type has steel flange to fix on pole side and support conductor without crossarm.

The top part of insulator of both vertical and horizontal type can be integrated with 2 types of aluminum clamp depend on request.


ANSI Standard, without top clamp 1


ANSI Standard, without top clamp 2

图片 2.png

ANSI Standard, with horizontal clamp

图片 3.png

ANSI Standard, with vertical clamp

图片 4.png

Horizontal type 1

图片 5.png

Horizontal type 2

图片 6.png

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