Inspection of Galvanizing Steel Earth Rod by SGS

Congratulations to Trigold’s successful inspection by SGS! The products were galvanized steel earth rods for project in Trinidad and Tobago.

The earth rod was made by 3 meter long steel tube with diameter 27mm. The head was cone shape design, welded on the top of the rod, which helps earth rod easier drill into ground during installation. On the bottom of the rod a 2-holes NEMA pad was welded as well, with bolts/nuts, to fix earthing wires.

The product was well hot-dipped galvanizing according to international standard ISO 1461: the measured zinc thickness was over 100 microns, which means higher and better performance than standard requested average 86 microns. The good galvanizing surface ensured products have strong ability to against corrosion when outdoor long time using, no matter dry or wet service condition.

Inspection Report

图片 2.png

Packing check

图片 3.png

Surface check

图片 4.png

Surface check

图片 5.png

Zinc thickness check

图片 6.png

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