Porcelain Anti Pollution Insulator

  • Porcelain Anti Pollution Insulator
  • Porcelain Anti Pollution Insulator
Porcelain Anti Pollution Insulator

Type: Anti pollution
Material: Porcelain
Standard: IEC 60383 / ANSI C29.2
Strength: 70-300kN
Coupling: Cap and pin / Clevis and tongue
Color: Brown / Grey
Lock: Split pin / W-clip
Option: Zinc sleeve

The porcelain suspension insulator can be also called as disc insulator or cap and pin insulator in different countries. The insulators are widely used in electric power line as insulation components, combined with various power fittings, to safely hold conductor overhead. The suspension insulators can be also used for strain situation -as strain insulator.

The combination of suspension insulators and fittings are called as insulator strings, such as suspension string or tension string. The number of insulators in the string is depend on power system: the higher voltage, the more insulators.

The anti pollution insulator (fog type) is designed for heavy pollution area, such as salt fog by seaside or dirty air situation. The pollution will lead to easier flashover so that the performance of insulators go down. Base on this point, anti pollution type has bigger creepage distance than normal insulators, to reduce negative effect by pollution and increase safety.

We can supply suspension insulators for up to 1000kV transmission line, but also applicable for LV and MV distribution system. The insulator is possible to be customized in specification such as color, coupling type and so on.

anti pollution insulator

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